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GMP MR12 Lamination Machine Suitable to Laminate Upto 12.6 Inch – ID Card, A4 and A3 Documents

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Technical Specification
Model: GMP MR-12
Laminating Width: Max. 320 mm (A3 Size)
Laminating Thickness: 75 to 300 Micron
Laminating Speed: 720mm/min
Running Cycle: Continues
Warm Up Time: 2 Minute
Dimension: 635 x 200 x 110 mm (Approx.)
Weight: 7.5 kg. (Approx.)
Power Supply: 220v
Power Consumption: 450w
Cover Material: Fiber
Number of Rollers: 4 Rollers (Two How, Two Cold)
Operating Temperature: 100-180ºC
Size Available: 12.6 Inch
Suitable to Laminate: ID Card Pouch, PVC Dragon Sheets, A4 and A3 Size Documents
⦁ Forward and Reveres Option,
⦁ Cold and hot lamination
⦁ Variable temperature control
⦁ Power and Ready light indicator 
⦁ Four silicon rollers
Uses: Ideal for Professional, Desktop, Stationery & Photocopy Shop, Small & Medium, Large Business Offices etc.


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Use GMP MR12 Lamination Machine in your business and personal life. Enjoy greater success in both areas with our top level pouch laminators
we offer fast and remarkably easy to operate system which is specially designed to make your documents tamper-proof while enhancing their professional appearances, within just a few seconds. Your paper is lustrously transformed, permanently sealed, and stays ever clean! The range of applications only limited by your imagination-License, ID cards, Desktop presentations, Promotional aids, Certificates, Business cards, Luggage tags, Instruction sheets-the list goes on and on.
GMP MR-12 Q1 12.6 Inch Lamination Machine are the most popular laminating machines used to laminate ID card, document, paper etc. Pouch laminators come in different shapes and size.  The most common size pouch laminator is usually 12″
A compact GMP MR12 Lamination Machine takes up a minimum space and blends beautifully into today’s office environment.

  • Hot & Cold lamination Variable set temperature
  • Hot & Cold lamination
  • Variable set temperature
  • 13 positions for every 5 of temperature (80-140)
  • Laminate up to 12″ (320mm wide): MR-12(Q1)
  • Convenient system for easy operation
  • Useful for home as well as office
  • Low cost and durable
  • Compact & portable design
  • Wide range of films and paper thicknesses can be used
  • Carrier less Lamination

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GMP Laminating Equipment, Supplies & Accessories from Korea for the whole of India. Lamination is the main line of GMP business; GMP specialized in supplying Large Format Roll Laminator to printing house, advertising company and government's agency.
gmp brand

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