Paper Shredder Machine Price in Noida

Paper Shredder Machine Price in Noida

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Paper Shredder Machine Prices

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Shredding CapacityMin PriceMax Price
5-10 Sheets at one timeRs 5000/PieceRs 10000/Piece
10-20 Sheets at one timeRs 12500/PieceRs 25000/Piece
Above 20 Sheets at one timeRs 25500/PieceRs 250000/Piece
paper shredder machine price in noida

Paper Shredder Machine Price in Noida

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Technical Details:

  • Model: MC-15 Entry
  • Width: 230 mm
  • Shred Type: Micro Cut
  • Sheet Capacity: 15 Sheets (A/4, 70 GSM)
  • Bin Capacity: 34 ltr.
  • Shred Size: 2 x 10 mm
  • Weight (Approx.): 16 Kg.
  • Dimensions in mm: 396 x 313 x 629 mm
  • Duty Cycle: 15 Min On 20 Min Off
  • Security Measures: Thermal Shutdown on Over Heating
  • Item Shred: Micro-Cut for Paper, Strip-Cut for CD-DVD & Cr. Card 


  • Micro-cut produces nearly 8X more particles than cross-cut
  • Quiet for a shredder
  • Pullout basket comes out and goes back in easily
  • Large 8.9-gallon capacity bin
  • Caster wheels for easy mobility

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The biggest advantage of the Arun Automation over my old MC15 is the micro-cut feature. I’ve gradually upgraded from strip cut to cross-cut, and now to micro-cut. The difference in how small the pieces are for micro-cut over cross-cut is tremendous. Here’s a breakdown of the different cut types:

  • strip cut: security level 2, 39 strips per 8.5″ x 11″ sheet
  • cross-cut: security level 3, 399 particles per 8.5″ x 11″ sheet
  • micro-cut: security level 4, 3,000 particles per 8.5″ x 11″ sheet

That’s almost eight times the number of particles from cross-cut to micro-cut. When shredding with my cross-cut shredder, I made sure to shred sheets of paper perpendicular to the print. The cross-cut pieces were long enough that shredding parallel to the print would still allow some information to be easily read. With micro-cut, that’s a non-issue. I can shred receipts, bills, and other documents at any angle and the pieces come out extremely small. For all intents and purposes, there’d be no way for anyone to put these pieces of paper back together.


I measured the noise of my old Kavinstar MC15 with an American Recorder SPL-8810 sound level meter and got 91.8 dBA. The Arun Automation, which benefits from the enclosed basket design, measured at 82.2 dBA — almost a full 10 dBA quieter than the Kavinstar. The ambient noise level was about 34.7 dBA and I measured both shredders right near the mouth.


The pullout basket is a sizable 8.9 gallons, which holds a ton of micro-cut pieces. It removes easily when you need to empty it and goes back in pretty smoothly as well. Removing it also activates a sensor that automatically disables the motor for added safety. The three-position auto/off/reverse switch works well but is the only way to keep the shredder off, other than unplugging it.

Design of Kavinstar Shredders

The Kavinstar has a separate safety lock to help prevent yourself and your kids from accidentally activating the shredder. I always unplug the shredder when I’m not using it, but if you like to keep yours plugged in, just keep in mind that there’s no additional lock.

I also want to mention that the green LED power light on the Arun Automation is extremely bright. I don’t recommend looking straight down at it, which might be hard to do if you’re standing over it while feeding paper through it.


The Arun Automation 15-sheet micro-cut shredder is a fantastic value. The micro-cut feature alone is worth the small premium over standard shredders, like the Kavinstar MC15. Add the quiet operation and large, easy-to-empty waste bin and it’s almost a no-brainer.

Authorized Dealer & Service Provider: Arun Automation, Ph.#01140820044 or #9871572837, Add.# Office No.73, DSIDC Complex, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110003




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Paper Shredder FAQ

Shredding your confidential documents before you discard them is your first line of defense against identity theft. Here then, are some of the most frequently asked questions about paper shredders.

1. Why Do I Need A Shredder?

Need of Shredders

These days, with identity theft ever on the rise, you need a shredder, I need a shredder, everyone needs a shredder. Whenever you dispose of any documents containing confidential information – anything with your social security number, account number, credit card number, and any sort of financial or health-related info, you should shred those puppies and shred them well. If you operate a business, you are required by law to shred or otherwise destroy any documents you are disposing of that contain this type of info about your customers or employees under penalty of law. If you would be unwilling to show a piece of paper to a random stranger walking down the street, then you should shred it.

According to use personal, Office and industrial use

2. What is the Main Difference Between Shredders?

Usually that would be the type of cut they produce, and the relative security that the cut provides. Strip cut shredders work fast and shred a lot of paper, but the long spaghetti like shreds they produce leave the sheets fairly easy to reassemble, and thus don’t give you much security. Cross cut shredders shred documents into confetti, and are almost always the way to go – are, in fact are what is required by law when your business are shredding the documents described above.

according to cut size cross cut, micro cut and strip cut

3. What is Meant By Sheet Capacity?

Sheets Capacity of Shredders

That refers to the number of sheets that a shredder can shred in one pass. You can usually find that number listen in the manufacturer’s specs of any given shredder, though most machines will behave a little better is you don’t meet that number, but work below it just a little bit. There are other kinds of capacity as well, such as feet per minute, sheets per day, and motor speed. To find what is right for you, just estimate the number of sheets you will need to shred in a typical day and find the classification that your ideal shredder resides in (personal, small office, etc) and compare prices and abilities from there.

normally comse in 8, 10, 15, 25, 35 sheets for office sheets

4. What Else Can I Shred?

Paper, CD, Cr. Card

A fair number of the better shredders on the market can not only handle paper, but can take the odd staple and paper clip as well without any trouble. There are also machines that are able to shred credit cards, and some shredders that can handle compact discs as well. This is something that you will want to consider, as confidential information is often found on these types of discs, and the can be rather difficult to safely get rid of otherwise.

Multipurpose shredder are most useful

5. What Are The Sizes Of Shredders?

Paper Shredder Machine Sizes

It varies a little between manufacturers, but in general you will find shredders that are meant for personal use, some that are meant for small offices of a handful of people, departmental shredders, and large, conveyor-belt fed industrial shredders. To find the type of shredder that is right for you, simply create an estimate of the number of sheets you will likely need to shred in a given day, and work from there. These stats are listed my most manufacturers as well as retailers, so with a little research, you should be able to find the shredder that is right for you.

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