Currency Counting Machine Dealers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Currency Counting Machine Dealers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Currency Counting Machine Dealers for Kanpur Call Telephone ☎️ 01140230655, Mobile 📱 & WhatsApp 8587870939 to Buy the Best Price Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Distributor based in Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110003, India.

Counting currency may be fun, but counting 9999+ is a tedious job!

With the digital currency counting machine of accurate counting and counterfeit detection, liberate your hands and leave the task of counting banknotes to the Kavinstar note counting machines!

Prices of Note Counting Machines in Kanpur

BrandMin PriceMax Price
GodrejRs 13500/PieceRs 30000/Piece
KavinstarRs 5500/PieceRs 28990/Piece
HindvantureRs 4500/PieceRs 17500/Piece
OthersRs 4500/PieceRs 37800/Piece

Cash counting comes with its own set of difficulties and we have the solution for all your problems. Kavinstar Note counting machine is here to solve your daily cash counting problems. This is one of the best products manufactured by Kavinstar. The Kavinstar money counting machine is attractive to put in tour homes, offices, cash counters, etc.

The best part of this is the fake note detected which you and I both are grateful for. How many times does it happen that you don’t know if the customer is giving you a real currency note? But with Kavinstar counting machine with a fake note detector you have nothing to worry about because it not only detects the fake notes it also helps you in identifying the defective notes which are worth nothing.

Featured of Currency Counting Machines

1. Optimized and widen the bills impeller

After optimizing the original curvature and width of the money receiving impeller to make the counting of bills smoother, overcome the problem of bills jamming, and improve the user’s work efficiency.

2. Hidden handle

In order to prevent users from using the inside of the LED display as a stress point when habitually carrying the money counter, we have designed a concealable handle to extend the life of the LED screen. In addition, with this handle, your work will become more portable.

3. Big Hopper Capacity

Large Capacity Hopper – 200-300 notes

Provides possibilities for multiple counting methods

4. Efficient & high speed

1,000 bills can be counted per minute-complete your work in a short time.

5. Make fake checking easy

Three powerful methods to detect counterfeit cash ripped or damaged bills: UV – ultraviolet, MG – magnetic, and IR – infrared; Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, get the most precise outcome.

6. Make counting easily

Make counting money no longer a hassle

We are one of the Top Currency Counting Machine Dealers for Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and Currency Counting Machine Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Distributor from Delhi, India.

Bottom Line

The Kavinstar cash counting machine price is also very low compared to the other machines with similar features. If you asked me where to invest your money when it comes to currency counting, it is the Kavinstar cash counting machine. With the Kavinstar bundle note counting machine, you can know when your bundle is full, you can know when you have a 10rs note in the bundle of 100rs and you can also get flawless and accurate results which not even you could get. No more double counting of bundles when you have the Kavinstar cash counting machine with you. It is not just accurate with its results but with its UV lights, sensors, and attractive design, the Kavinstar cash counting machine makes you want to have it.

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