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Personal Office Paper Shredder

- keep it on the table or under the table and use it daily to shred your important papers, super silent, cuts into very small pieces has all features that you would want in a mini shredder! This is enough only if you have very few papers (5-8 sheets) for shredding everyday

Small Office Paper Shredder

- A machine for an office with 10-12 staff, cuts into small strips and can also destroy CDs and credit cards, can run continuously for 15 Minutes, enough to shred upto 10 sheets at one go, a small sleek machine with a metal cabinet, simple operation and mounted on wheels for easy mobility.

Confidential High Security Office Paper Shredder

- High security and specialty paper shredders are designed to shred sensitive and top secret documents. These shredders are ideal for government, military and any business that needs to securely shred documents. We have a wide selection of high security paper shredders, with one that will meet your needs. Guaranteed low prices. Order your high security paper shredder today!

Big Large Office Paper Shredder

- This machine is made to last, it can cut into small 3x40 mm Cross Cut, is made of a one piece machined shafts for accurate cutting, very silent and extremely dependable for large jobs. Customers include Banks, Large Companies, Government Offices,Consulates, Pharma companies all the big companies who want a trouble free machine prefer this shredder and are using it since many years, it can run continuously for the entire day.


Are you looking for THE best office shredder? Dispose of sensitive business documents safely with our office shredders. Strong enough to accommodate the high-capacity needs of an entire department, our office shredders can handle OFFICE with staples and OFFICE clips still attached. Plus, many of our office OFFICE shredders incorporate energy saving technology for a cost-effective way to work responsibly. We also offer heavy-duty shredders capable of destroying CDs, credit cards and more. Equip your office with our OFFICE shredders available in a variety of cut styles, shred sizes and prices.

Government Office Paper Shredder

- these machines are ideal for offices having large quantities of papers to shred, there is no need to feed manually papers can be fed automatically, can shred large computer printouts and A4 size common office papers also. Mounted on wheels for easy mobility.

Common Office Paper Shredder

- Use this machine as a common shredder for the entire office, all unwanted papers can be collected and shredded in this machine, it can be used continuously for hours to shred papers from old files, unwanted records also. Comes with a large bin, no need to empty every day.